Google Maps Drawing Add-on Released and on Sale

The waiting is finally over and today we're proud to announce the official release of our next Add-on for DMXzone Google Maps and Advanced HTML Editor 3 called Google Maps Drawing Add-on. With this amazing tool you can draw anything you like on your maps, including polygons, lines, different shapes and even use custom colors to fit your site design. Check out the demo below and see what amazing things you can do with it!

For a limited time, until next Wednesday you can get it with €10/$13 cheaper so hurry up! And remember, buying more than one extension at once on DMXzone gives you automatically more discount! So make sure you have a full shopping cart for maximum savings!

The Story

Features Highlights:

  • Add-on for Advanced HTML Editor 3 and DMXzone Google Maps - You can use it, together with the DMXzone Google Maps, in our most popular Advanced HTML Editor 3 extension!
  • Draggable map - Change the location at any point you want by simply choosing the arrows and dragging the map with your mouse.
  • Polyline Tool - Draw any custom directions or anything you need on your map.
  • Rectangle shape - Use the rectangle shape in order to create a color overlay on your map.
  • Circle shape - You can also use the circle shape in order to point out a specific part of your map.
  • Polygon tool - Draw any multi-sided object on your map.
  • Color picker - Choose any color for your shapes and borders from the built-in color picker.
  • Bring to front action - In order to top all other overlays, simply select the overlay and select "bring to front "action.

Mediterranean Summer Cruise Demo

In this demo we used Google Maps Drawing Add-on's polyline tool in order to draw the cruise route on the map, the polygon tool for the areas and also DMXzone Google Maps for the custom markers.

Custom Directions with Drawing Add-on Demo
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