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Create a 3D Gold Trophy Cup Using Illustrator

“Create stunning 3D Gold Trophy with Adobe Illustrator”

In this tutorial you will learn how to create a gold trophy cup icon using two stages of design: 3-D modeling, creating of elements of the icons and coloring with creating glare and shadows on the surface. Let’s get started!


Using the pen Tool (P), create a shape of the cup bowl. At this stage, do not pay too much attention to creating shapes, as it may be edited later in the process of 3D modeling. Iaroslav Lazunov fills the shape with colors that will reproduce the real color of the cup. Although this is not necessary, it just will be easier to perceive the created model. Create a vertical guide which will pass through the leftmost points of the shape created in the step 1. This guide will help you in further construction. Take the Ellipse Tool (L) and create a circle. Center of the circle must lie on the vertical guide. Now take the Scissors Tool (C) and cut the circle in the lower and upper points, and then remove its left side.

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