What You Missed This Week

As the end of this week approaches it's time to look back and see what you missed. We release another great design kit - the HTML5 Product Catalog Design Kit. A fine combination between extensions and template and the result is ready to work structure which is easy to use and customize to go along with your design. We also updated two of our most popular extensions - the DMXzone Accordion and DMXzone Tabs. Be sure to check out the demos and video we made for you. Also profit of the 50% discount if you don't have them yet! Below you will find a complete list of DMXzone content.

The Story

DMXzone Release

DMXzone Updates

  • DMXzone Accordion Updated - This new version comes with the latest jQuery UI and more. Check out the blog post for the complete list.
  • DMXzone Tabs Updated - One of the improvements include better Style chooser for DW CS6 on Mac OSX. Read on for the full list.

Showcases & Video

  • Shoes Store Demo - For this demo we used our HTML5 3D Flipping Gallery in order to create an image gallery. The images are set to flip on click and the direction is set to bottom. The order is put-up to random. On the back we added titles and description with HTML links. Below we created a featured slider with the Sliding Billboard.
  • Using HTML5 3D Flipping Gallery with Facebook Fan Page
    – Learn how to combine HTML5 3D Flipping Gallery with Facebook Fan Page
Blog Posts

DMXzone Accordion and Tabs Updated

Check out what's new in both extensions

HTML5 Product Catalog Design Kit Released

Another fine edition to our Designs & Kit section is here

HTML5 3D Flipping Gallery Shoes Store Demo

Add HTML links to your gallery

HTML5 3D Flipping Gallery
Photo & Video – Present your images in polaroid-like galleries with stunning effects
DMXzone Tabs
Design – Organize your content in tabs with amazing effects and styles
DMXzone Accordion
Design – Organize your content in sections with amazing effects and animation
DMXzone Metro UI Theme Pack
Productivity – Five Metro UI Themes for Six DMXzone Extensions
Facebook Fan Page
Productivity – Design and empower your Facebook Fan Pages with Dreamweaver!
Sliding Billboard
Photo & Video – Organize your work greatly in a virtual book!

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