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Paul Strydom's Cape Town Hollow Hotel with DMXzone Extensions

“Explore this awesome website to see what you can create with the DMXzone extensions”

Paul Strydom is a very talanted web developer from South Africa who was generous enough to share his amazing work with us and all of you so you can get an inspiration of what you can accomplish with the DMXzone extensions. For the Cape Town Hollow Boutique Hotel he used 7 of our Dreamweaver tools and as you'll see the result is stunning. Check it out below and please leave a comment of what you think about this page!

The Story

Home Page


CSS Image Gallery


Universal CSS Navigation Menu


Sliding Billboard


DMXzone Supersized


Universal Form Validator PHP/ASP


DMXzone Calendar 2



Pure ASP Upload 3
Fastest and most advanced upload solution ever!
DMXzone Metro UI Theme Pack
Five Metro UI Themes for Six DMXzone Extensions

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