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Universal Business Design Kit Released

“An amazing template packed with 2 useful DMXzone extensions”
Here it is, the newest addition to our Designs & Kits section called Universal Business Design Kit, which features the Universal Business Design template and 2 DMXzone extensions. The Universal CSS Navigation Menu and the DMXzone Google Maps are the tools that we used in order to add more functionality to the template, so your users can navigate quick and easy through the pages and find the business location in no time.

If you have all the needed extensions, for a week you can benefit from the special introduction price and save €10/$12 on the Universal Business Design template.

The Story

Home Page

The design layout is standard and fits any modern browser on any screen and is also supplied with awesome navigation to each section of the page.


Universal Business Design Template

Quick, easy to customize and affordable website template

The Universal Business Design Template is the perfect solution if you are going to work on small projects representing different businesses or services for your customers.You need to have the required extensions installed in Dreamweaver in order to install the template.

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