DMXzone CSS3 Drop Shadows Meets Facebook

Today we are going to give you more ideas how you can implement the newly released DMXzone CSS3 Drop Shadows extension in your projects. For this showcase we combined it with our Facebook Fan Page in order to create a facebook tab with different recipes. On the top we added a navigation menu and to make the user experience better we put various shadows effects.

The Story

Facebook Recipes Page Demo

For this demo we used the Facebook Fan Page to create a facebook page. On the top we have a menu made with the Universal CSS Navigation Menu. With the DMXzone CSS3 Drop Shadows we added different shadows effects: for the menu - raised with bottom direction and for the divs below lifted with left and right side.


Universal CSS Navigation Menu
Interactivity – Create all kind of great web site navigation menus
Facebook Fan Page
Productivity – Design and empower your Facebook Fan Pages with Dreamweaver!
DMXzone CSS3 Drop Shadows
Productivity – Add beautiful shadows to any page element

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