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Create a Colorful Fantasy Digital Painting in Photoshop

“Learn how to make awesome digital paintings in Photoshop”

In art, there are no wrong answers. That is especially true with digital art. There are a million techniques to produce the same piece of art. Some designers start out with a sketch, others create their artwork without a plan of any kind. In this tutorial, Marco Casalvieri will explain how to create a fantasy digital painting without a sketch. Let’s get started!


Marco Casalvieri is going to teach you what you need to know in order to make a digital painting, based on his experience. He’ll explain his points of view, his thoughts during the process of creation, and some of his techniques. Ok – here’s the first thing Marco Casalvieri does every time he starts a new painting. He chooses the background color. Why is this one pink? No real reason. It just inspired him in that particular moment. He has a color. Marco Casalvieri has done a lot already. Really. If you decide a background color, then you automatically narrow the field of the kind of environments you can create. It’s pink, so he knows that it won’t be a jungle, for example!

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