HTML5 Parallax Slider Coming Soon on DMXzone

In less than a week we will launch our brand new addition to the DMXzone extension family - the HTML5 Parallax Slider! With this fascinating tool you can blow every user's mind by sliding any content, which creates 3D illusion by automatically adjusting the elements slide speed depending on their depth, fully visual in Dreamweaver. Choose from various design, included in the extension and slide motion horizontally or vertically. These and many more features are pack in our upcoming release. Below you can see a sneak preview in the browser and explore it yourself. Stay tuned for the features in detail coming on Monday!

The Story

HTML5 Parallax Slider Preview Showcase

For this showcase we added 3 slides to our HTML5 Parallax Slider with different content. The first one contains images and text, the second one - only a background image and the third - a few images image.


HTML5 Parallax Slider
Photo & Video – Slide any content and create stunning 3D depth illusion

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