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Google Looks to Ditch Passwords

“Google engineers are looking at ways to stop using passwords”

Google engineers are testing new tools that could replace passwords as the primary way of authenticating identity on the web. Google is currently running a pilot that uses a YubiKey cryptographic card developed by Yubico — a startup operated out of Sweden and the US, which has produced a two-factor authentication fob that can emit encrypted one-time passwords to NFC-enabled smartphones.


Google vice president of security Eric Grosse and engineer Mayank Upadhyay will detail the pilot — along with other ways people may be logging into websites in the future — in a research paper to be published in the IEEE Security and Privacy Magazine later this month. The pair does not imagine that passwords will completely disappear, but that they will have a less significant role in authenticating ID, playing second fiddle to smartphones or chip-embedded things as the primary authenticator.

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