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HTML5 Responsive Notify Released and with a Special Price!

“Create rich type notifications”

After weeks of development, the HTML5 Responsive Notify is finally here! This amazing extension provides a timely and appropriate feedback to the visitor about status, success or failure of the task being carried out. With its full responsiveness, it looks great on a desktop browser as well as on mobile devices and fits the screen perfectly. These and many more features are packed in the extension so check it out and also the showcases and videos we created.

Until next Wednesday the HTML5 Responsive Notify is with a special price and you can get it for €19/$26! For all our subscriptions holders this extension is free of charge so all you need to do is download it.

The Story

Features Highlights

  • Rich notifications and users alerts - Enhance your visitors' user experience with amazing HTML5 notifies
  • Give visitors feedback - The rich notifications give your users feedback on the task that they've completed about status, success or failure.
  • Amazing designs - Fully customizable through the CSS, the notify boxes can be made to fit your website design.
  • Easy notify positioning - Choose the appearance of the notification to be easy noticeable from the user.
  • Fully responsive appearance - It looks great on a desktop browser as well as on mobile devices and fits the screen perfectly.
  • Dynamic notifies - You can retrieve your notifications from a database driven source.


Mobile App Notify Showcase

For this showcase we used the DMXzone Ajax Form where you can put your e-mail address and on submission a confirmation notification shows up (HTML5 Responsive Notify). They are binded through the behavior connector. The HTML5 Responsive Notify is also used on page load for the info notification box. Both notification colors and positions are customized through the CSS.


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