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DMXzone Bootstrap Elements Coming Next Week

Something hot and spicy has been cooking in the DMXzone kitchen for quite some time now. A new, premium Dreamweaver extension is on its way and will enhance the capabilities of DMXzone Bootstrap.

Get ready for the  DMXzone Bootstrap Elements Dreamweaver extension! It contains 35 ready to go Bootstrap Elements! It  will save you tons of time and let you add elements such as buttons, pagination, labels, alerts, media, progress bars and even more with just a single click in Bootstrap Elements panel, all of this directly in your Dreamweaver. Most importantly, each page element has its own custom inspector where you can easily change its properties and layout.

Not only you will be able to design fully responsive website layouts but also add amazing, useful and great looking components to it. Below, you can check out a sneak preview of the many powers that this upcoming extension has and explore it on a desktop browser or mobile device.


Bootstrap Elements Preview Showcase

This showcase is just a sneak preview of some of the 35 ready to go Bootstrap Elements included in the DMXzone Bootstrap Elements extension. We have group buttons for the registration as well as the projects preview, where we also added custom icons. We featured an alert message, headings with paragraphs, block quotes and pagination. For the images preview, we used thumbnail elements.

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DMXzone Bootstrap Elements
35 ready to go elements for DMXzone Bootstrap

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