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Rent-a-Yacht Page with Bootstrap Elements

“Check out what you can do with DMXzone Bootstrap Elements”

In today's showcase we built a page, only with our newest DMXzone Bootstrap Elements extension, which is set for release on Wednesday, and of course DMXzone Bootstrap for the fully responsive layout. The entire content is executed with titles, paragraphs, lists, table, form and address elements that are easily added in your Bootstrap template with a single mouse click. Check out the showcase below and see how we did it!


Typography, Table and Form Bootstrap Elements

For this showcase we used DMXzone Bootstrap Elements to build a page with info and specifications for a Rent-a-Yacht company. We have title and paragraph for the basic description, definition list for the main specs, unordered list for the key features and a table for the availability. Also we added address element for the office locations and horizontal table for the newsletter subscription.

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If you couldn't follow us on a daily basis during the week, here's our full list of content that we released the past five days. After months of development the DMXzone Bootstrap Elements was finally released. Its 35 ready to go elements will improve any website layout and give it the final touch. Below you will find several showcases that we already created with it as well as useful video tutorials on how to use this amazing extension so check it out. Until next Wednesday, DMXzone Bootstrap ...

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