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Product Page with Bootstrap Elements

For this product page we used some of DMXzone Bootstrap Elements that we showed you earlier today in the second part of our features series. It's completely built with button groups for the price, info and purchase, image elements for the products preview, and pagination and breadcrumbs for easy navigation. Check out the showcase below and stay tuned for Bootstrap Elements Features Part 3 later today.


Images, Buttons and Pagination Bootstrap Elements

For this showcase we designed a fully responsive product page with DMXzone Bootstrap. The page content is created with the DMXzone Bootstrap Elements. The products are presented with image elements with added polaroid-like style. The price, details and purchase buttons are button group element, only the price is disabled. We also added breadcrumbs for the current page location and pagination for easy navigation.

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If you couldn't follow us on a daily basis during the week, here's our full list of content that we released the past five days. After months of development the DMXzone Bootstrap Elements was finally released. Its 35 ready to go elements will improve any website layout and give it the final touch. Below you will find several showcases that we already created with it as well as useful video tutorials on how to use this amazing extension so check it out. Until next Wednesday, DMXzone Bootstrap ...

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DMXzone Bootstrap Elements
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