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DMXzone Bootstrap Elements Released with a Special Price

“Meet DMXzone Bootstrap Elements and enhance your website designs”

Today, we're extremely proud and happy to announce the official availability of DMXzone Bootstrap Elements extension. After months of development, it's finally ready to give you the power of 35 ready to use and fully customizable Bootstrap elements. Now, with the updated version of DMXzone Bootstrap, not only you can design awesome, responsive layouts but also add different elements to your content to make it look even greater. Check out the showcases, video tutorials and the extension manual to explore its powers!

DMXzone Bootstrap Elements extension runs only on Dreamweaver CS5.5+ (Mac and Windows)!

Download for free the latest DMXzone Bootstrap and get DMXzone Bootstrap Elements with a special price of €59/$81, available until next Wednesday!


Travel Agency with Bootstrap Elements Showcase

In this showcase we designed a travel agency site only with DMXzone Bootstrap extension for the responsive layout and DMXzone Bootstrap Elements for the content. We used badges and labels, images, headings, alerts, address, aligned pager and button groups with icons elements. Some of them are not visible for mobile preview, only for desktop and tablet.

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If you couldn't follow us on a daily basis during the week, here's our full list of content that we released the past five days. After months of development the DMXzone Bootstrap Elements was finally released. Its 35 ready to go elements will improve any website layout and give it the final touch. Below you will find several showcases that we already created with it as well as useful video tutorials on how to use this amazing extension so check it out. Until next Wednesday, DMXzone Bootstrap ...

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