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DMXzone Bootstrap 3 is Coming Next Week

“Sneak preview of DMXzone Bootstrap 3”

We have amazing news to share with you today. DMXzone Bootstrap 3 is on its way and will make its official appearance on next week! Due to the many emails we received since the release of Twitter Bootstrap 3, our developers gave their best to make it happen. On 23 January it will be available as a Dreamweaver extension. As easy to use as the previous version, DMXzone Bootstrap 3 comes supercharged with the latest Bootstrap 3 features and great new ones, integrated in Dreamweaver. Below you'll find a sneak preview of what is coming so stay tuned for more info coming on Monday!

The Story

Awesome Bootstrap 3 Integration in Dreamweaver

DMXzone Bootstrap 3 will be available as an extension, which is extremely easy to install and use all its functionality directly in Dreamweaver!


Fantastic Preview in Design View

With the Bootstrap 3 Scaffolding floating panel you can add containers, add/delete rows and cells, merge/spread them and even more, just a mouse click away. The design preview of your page is brought to the next level in real time with DMXzone Bootstrap 3.


Fully Responsive Layout

With DMXzone Bootstrap 3 you can follow your work in progress when designing a responsive layout for various devices and desktop browsers. From extra small devices such as phones to large desktops, the grid system works across multiple devices at the same time.


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Our weekly content summary

during the past five days we released numerous showcases to inspire you, while working with DMXzone extensions. Also our developers announced new versions of HTML5 Data Bindings and DMXzone Security Provider PHP/ASP. To top all of this, we published a sneak preview of our upcoming extension - DMXzone Bootstrap 3, which is due for release next week. For the full list of content, please check below!

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