DMXzone Bootswatch to be Released on Wednesday

Our developers have been working on the next great addition to the DMXzone Bootstrap 3 family and later this week you'll have amazing themes in your hands to give your site a fresh look. Based on the great open source themes by Thomas Park from, DMXzone Bootswatch will offer you 15 different designs to enhance your Bootstrap 3 components, navigation and layout with minimal effort for maximum user experience and impact. Applying a new bootstrap theme is as easy as it gets, all you need to do is choose the design and click the apply button, directly in Dreamweaver. You can check out a sneak preview of the them below but stay tuned for more insights coming tomorrow!

The Story

     Amelia                                       Cerulean


    Cosmo                                        Cyborg

   Darkly                                          Flatly


    Journal                                        Lumen


    Readable                                      Simplex


   Slate                                             Spacelab


   Superhero                                   United



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