DMXzone ePUB Manager to be Released Next Week

With the growing demand for e-books and digital content in the last few years, publishers and developers are challenged to include different tools, languages and formats for the different reading systems. Have you ever thought that you can take full advantage of Dreamweaver visual design power and extend it with ePub functionality? Now it's all possible with our upcoming release of DMXzone ePub Manager extension that we'll make it public next week. Supplied with full support for ePub 2, ePub 3 and even iBooks for full iOS compatibility, this amazing tool lets you generate, edit and produce ePubs in a very intuitive and easy way, directly in Dreamweaver. 

The Story

DMXzone ePub Manager Floating Panel

With the greatly helpful and easy accessible floating panel you have all the needed options just a mouse click away. You can virtually generate, edit and produce ePubs directly in Dreamweaver.

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