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Dreamweaver CC 2014 Meets DMXzone Extensions

“Check out what's new and how to add DMXzone extensions”
It's official! In an almost two hours event yesterday, Adobe officially announced its latest Dreamweaver CC 2014. It's already available on the Creative Cloud for download and below you can see what's new in this release and of course how to manage your DMXzone extensions if you have installed both Dreamweaver CC and Dreamweaver CC 2014. Also, you can see how to install new ones for Dreamweaver CC 2014. It's as easy as it gets!

The Story

What's New in Dreamweaver CC 2014

New Live View Editing
This update adds new editing features within Live View, which was upgraded to use a brand new rendering engine last August. You can now visually edit your page and preview changes without switching between display modes and constantly refreshing.

Element Quick View
Navigating HTML markup can be tedious since all your tags get lost between the content that fills your page. With the Element Quick View you get access to a display list of all the elements within your DOM (kind of like an elements panel for HTML) without having to sift through the noise of additional markup. Inside of this view you can view applied CSS selectors and rearrange, duplicate or delete elements. Your selection is also highlighted in both Code and Live views to see where the element lives on your page.

Copy/Paste CSS
Copy > paste > edit is an old and cumbersome method of writing CSS that’s error prone. Now in the CSS Designer you can right click on a selector to copy all of the applied styles and paste them onto a new selector. You can filter what you copy by layout, text, border, background or animation styles and even navigate to live websites within Dreamweaver and grab styles from there. It’s the little things that add up.

Install DMXzone Extensions in Dreamweaver CC 2014

Update Adobe Extension Manager

To get your DMXzone extensions easily installed for Dreamweaver CC 2014 all you need to do is update Adobe Extension Manager from your Creative Cloud.


Install Existing DMXzone Extensions

Once you have installed the latest Adobe Extension Manager and Dreamweaver CC 2014 all of your DMXzone extensions automatically appear in the EM for both.


Open a page in Dreamweaver CC 2014 and the extensions installer will popup. Use the extensions serial numbers (subscription serial number) and your DMXzone credentials to install them. When you're done, restart Dreamweaver and you're good to go.


Install New DMXzone Extensions

Download the extension from, make sure to select Dreamweaver CC 2014 in the Extension Manager before you install it. Once installed in the Extension Manager follow our normal procedure in Dreamweaver CC 2014 and make sure to restart it at the end.


*Soon, installation of DMXzone extension will become much easier so stay tuned for more news coming in the next couple of weeks!

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