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Icons, CSS Animations and Feed Ticker

“Check out what's new in Font Awesome, Animate CSS and Feed Ticker”

This week we continue to improve our most powerful DMXzone Dreamweaver extensions to feature and support the latest technologies and serve you the best possible way. Today's selection features DMXzone Font Awesome, HTML5 Animate CSS and the Feed Ticker. Also the DMXzone Summer Sale still offers you 20% discount on any DMXzone extension and template so do not hesitate to complete your DMXzone extensions collection with the missing pieces. Simply enter DMXSUMMER14 promo code in the shopping cart upon check out.

The Story

What's New in HTML5 Animate CSS and Feed Ticker:

  • Included the latest jQuery 1.11.1
  • Improved for Dreamweaver CC 2014
  • Improved for DMXzone Extension Manager

What's New in DMXzone Font Awesome:

  • Improved for Dreamweaver CC 2014
  • Improved for DMXzone Extension Manager
Note that due to a bug in Dreamweaver CC 2014 on Mac the selection of size and search in DMXzone Font Awesome is not possible. The bug has been reported to Adobe and we'll issue and update for Mac as soon as it's fixed.



Luxury Watches Showcase

For this showcase we used HTML5 Animate CSS for the amazing onload animations which summarize two images into one and turns out the content into an interactive adventure.

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As usual on Friday it's time to summarize the content that we released during the past few days and pack it in a single list for your convenience. This week we started our annual summer updates and so far we have 15 extensions that feature the latest jQuery 1.11.1, improved compatibility with Dreamweaver CC 2014 and DMXzone Extension Manager. We also designed five amazing showcases to show you what you can accomplish with these great Dreamweaver tools so check them out below if you still ...

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HTML5 Animate CSS
Just-add-water CSS animations

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