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HTML5 Geo Location Released and on Sale

“Empower the full HTML5 Geo Location services”

Today we're happy to announce the official release of HTML5 Geo Location. It is the ultimate way to figure out where your users are in the world and ask them to share that information with you. Empower the full HTML5 Geo Location services on your page and do awesome location-aware things such as finding local businesses, show your location on a map an many more. It contains 10 different properties to specify if Geo location is supported, latitude, longitude, heading, speed, timestamp and other.

The HTML5 Geo Location is on sale unitl next Wednesday so get it now. 


Weather Geo Location Showcase

For this showcase we used HTML5 Geo Location and HTML5 Data Bindings in order to filter the coordinates from a public weather feed (provided by Once the GPS status is given a green light to access the location the 'Getting your location' message hides. If the user denies to share location, a 'Please allow Geo location' message appears. In case of timeout, unhandled error and unavailable geo location an HTML5 Responsive Notify appears.


HTML5 Geo Location
Empower the full HTML5 Geo Location services
HTML5 Responsive Notify
Create rich type notifications

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