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Smart Image Processor ASP

Smart Image Processor is a powerful Image Resize extension that will allow you to quickly and easily resize images after you have uploaded them and create thumbnails of the uploaded files. Another great Add-On to Pure ASP Upload

You don't need to write any additional code, it is all click and use!

This Product Has been Discontinued: Please get  Smart Image Processor 2


With the Smart Image Processor you can:

  • Automatically resize images to fit specific width and height
    Now you can automatically resize your uploaded images to make them a certain width and height.

  • Generate thumbnails for all uploaded images
    This extension will let you make thumbnails from all uploaded images and use the same filenames only prefix them with a special text.

  • Easy display of the generated thumbnails
    With the build in Server Format you can easily display the generated thumbnail image based on the stored original filename.

  • Extended online help
    We have included 8 comprehensive tutorials - to simplify the usage of this extension.
    These tutorials will walk you step by step through the process of resizing uploaded images and creating thumbnails. Also how to pull the uploaded image files from a database and display the images/thumbnails on a page.
  • Aspect ratio is always preserved during the resize
    The height and width of a picture is known as the aspect ratio. This is the relationship between the height and width of the image.

  • Fully integrated with Pure ASP Upload 2.1x
    The Smart Image Processor extension is able to resize the files that are uploaded with Pure ASP Upload 2.x

  • Full support for lot of file input formats:

  • Resized files are always saved as JPEG
    No matter what image file you resize. The image file extension will change to .jpg.

  • Full control of the destination JPEG Quality
    You can adjust the JPEG quality. The setting of the JPEG quality depends on the size of the image.
    Normal jpeg quality is set at 80. For thumbnail images the quality can be set lower, for example 60.

  • A high performance, fully licensed COM Object is included, for image resize is included (needs to be registered on the server first)
    For this extension a server component is needed. Before installing the COM Object check if you have a server component installed on your server. Test-run the application first.

  • Support many major server components
    Support for the most used server components is included for AspJpeg, AspImage, AspSmart, ImgWriter, AspThumb and ASP.NET

  • If you have ASP.NET on your server NO additional Server components are needed!

  • Auto Detect the installed server components and use them

PAYMENT NOTE !: When buying this extension please use the same email address as the one you used to register with DMXzone. If you want to use another email address we suggest you to change the email address in your profile BEFORE you purchase. This will make it easier for us to enable downloads and will avoid mistakes.

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Type: Server Behavior
License: Read now >>
Product: Dreamweaver MX, UltraDev 4, Dreamweaver MX 2004, Dreamweaver 8
Server Model: ASP JavaScript, ASP VBScript

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Animated GIF not accepted

Animated GIF's are converted to (.jpg) Are there any plans to allow an animated (.gif) to be uploaded successfully. I love this extension, this is the only problem or drawback i see. Thanks

Smart Image Processor

  I have had ASP Upload for a few years and first used the Smart Image Processor extension on a web site for one of the largest youth hockey tournaments in North America in 2005; what a great tool!  I love being able to create a thumbnail along with restricting the size of the original image; it allowed me to use more images through my site(s) and decreased the amount of time it took for pages to load.  Players can create their own online player cards, teams can upload their logos and I do not need to worry about very large files hogging disk space and bandwidth nor do I worry any longer about the images being uploaded getting overly distorted because they lose their aspect ratio.  I saw very significant increases in the number of people that utilized the image utilities they had at their disposal to further customize their profiles.  A big 2 thumbs up for my needs!

Andy Lav  

3 Images in one

I already own this extension, but i need the extension resize the original and make two images, one medium size and the thumb, is that posible?

php version is better

The php version is much better.

Reason, the asp version does not allow prefix's for thumbs:

If you use a "prefix" you can you an image dynamically, all you do it use the "image name" from the recordset and add what ever prefix you specified.

ie image name: snoopy.jpg

your thum prefix is t_

then its t_snoppy.jpg

If you specifiy a "suffix" for a thumbnail there is no way to use it dynamically.

because you saved the thumbnail as snoppy_t.jpg, you can code for this in your page

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