How can I get the Insert Record with Ident extension to work with Dreamweaver mx?


The book I was using as a reference brought me to this site to download this extension. The book is the Joy of Dreamweaver MX and it explicitly said to get the newest version because version 1.0.0 is not compatible with MX. However I could't find the correct version that is compatible with MX and continued to get an error.

So if any of you are having this Javascript error while using this with MX I urge you to check out the following article:

Or basically change the file InsertRecordWithIdent.htm
change the line

<SCRIPT src="../EditOperations.js"></SCRIPT>
<SCRIPT src="../Shared/EditOperations.js"></SCRIPT>

And it should work.

*Note If you do a search for the file (InsertRecordWithIdent.htm) you must "Show hidden files" in the folder options menu.

This works with Win2000 and Win XP