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Poll Extension

Wayne has released a commercial extension suite that does all the tricky math associated with a voting poll, it's also good for doing surveys.

What do you get?

  • Time saving, working code.
  • Two poll extensions:
    1. Vote Count.
    2. Poll Results "this one does the arithmetic"
    3. And a Tutorial, with the how to's on how to build the most difficult part of the poll system.
You can see more at

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RE: ya its cool but if its was free

I'm sure there will be a free Poll Extension for DW... I dont get why people bother to ask money for their apps, there are little to no people who actually buy anything... all you do is bother people cause you make em happy to show that you have something they want, but you annoy them by asking money for it, and they wont even buy it.

I would liked to have this extension, but i aint gonna buy it ...

If this dude could have made it, then someone else can do it too, and theres a big chance that that person doesnt charge anything for it, making this Commercial Extension Obsolete and no1 will EVER buy it ...

Hey suhail kaleem

The internet is changing and pay is becoming a way of life.  But, believe me you dont want to get into a free debate with these guys.  My butt still hasn't grown back.


RE: RE: RE: ya its cool but if its was free

> as UltraCart is... for free

Yeah, and what happend to UltraCart? Dead, no updates for ages, no bugfixes etc etc. And do you mean that internet equals everything for free? When that's what you mean then you should get alive.

RE: RE: ya its cool but if its was free

Well, I think that "free" is Internet philosophy... ok, this extension is not for free... but have you ever tried PHPNuke? A portals-generator with lots of features in it (a pool, too...) and, guess what? for free! And not going far from Macromedia's world, an important extension as UltraCart is... for free! I suppose that these and other "free" programmers have to find a way to live on, but they give their products for free becouse they are caught in the "internet-style" Open-Source way-of-life... IMHO, this should be the leading way
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