Can I make the AutoScroller move with a fluid/centered layout when the browser window is resized?


The AutoScroller is an absolute postioned DIV, which means that it gets a fixed position in relation to the top/left corner of the document. Thus its position does not change when the browser window is resized, whereas eg. a centered table does.

If you want the AutoScroller to maintain a position in relation to eg. a centered table, you will need to 'snap' the layer to something (eg. an image) within that table. The free "SnapLayer" extension available at can do that for you.

Use SnapLayer to 'snap' the entire AutoScroller to something (an image) in your centered page, and apply it to both the onLoad and the onResize event of the <body> tag. The AutoScroller will then move with the page content when resizing the browser window.