I get the following error:

Active Server Pages, ASP 0113 (0x80004005)
The maximum amount of time for a script to execute was exceeded. You can change this limit by specifying a new value for the property Server.ScriptTimeout or by changing the value in the IIS administration
tools. (or HTTP 500 Internal Server Error)


The default timeout on an ASP script is 90 seconds. If your upload takes longer than that you will get the error above. This will happen often when the user is using a slow connection.

We have a nice extension that will change the timeout to a specified time for you. To increase the timeout, the extension adds the following ASP code on top of your page (where 360 is specified by you):

<% Server.ScriptTimeout = 360 %>

This will increase the timeout to 360 seconds = 5 minutes. You can change this value to suite your needs.

For more details see Server.ScriptTimeout docs