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How do I install GD in windows?


The GD Library is not installed under php in windows, how do I install it?


Go to and download the 'PHP 4.x.x zip package' if you don't allready have it. This package contains the GD-Library for windows. Find php_gd2.dll (or php_gd.dll if you need gif-support, but you will have less good image quality) and put it in your php folder (Usual c:\php). Find in the php.ini in your windows folder:


Uncomment extension="php_gd2".dll by deleting the ';' in front of it.

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I have PHP 5 installed on my windows server 2003 machine and I can't get the smart image prossor to work, I have the php_gd2.dll in my PHP directory and did the correct edit in my php.ini file by removing the ";" from infront of the extention, I then restarted IIS...............when I try to run my page with the Smart Image Proccessor I get this error:

Warning: dl() [function.dl]: Not supported in multithreaded Web servers - use extension="" in your php.ini in E:\domains\\wwwroot\testing_server\ScriptLibrary\incResize.php on line 129
Error occurred in the Smart Image Processor

The GD Library is not installed correctly
Please correct

Can someone tell me why this is happening and what I need to do to fix this problem

Problem keeps coming

I have put in the right path and done is you write but gets this warning.

PHP Warning: PHP Startup: gd: Unable to initialize module Module compiled with module api="20040412," debug="0," thread-safety=1 PHP compiled with module api="20041030," debug="0," thread-safety=1 These options need to match in Unknown on line 0

Someone any ide? (IIS5.1 & PHP5.04)