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Mailing List Extensions

This is a commercial product, it contains 2 extensions that enable you to build mailing lists very easy.


The first extension is called the fancy email extension, which not only includes a first name, but the email is formatted.
The second extension is called basic. It will send an email in a unformatted text format, both are easily customizable.
Check it out today:

Easy to use mailing list Extension


Type: Behavior

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not such a good one

Most systems nowadays do not rely solely on or at least offer a choice of mail component to use. Not everybody wants to have a CDONTS out on the rampage.

Allthough perhaps a good extension, we felt it lacked seriously in the scalability and the way in which emails are being sent out. If one uses a full fledged email server with jmail, aspmail and other bits working well, then one doesn't want to step back into the dark ages and end up opening servers up by using CDONTS.


We tested this extension and threw it in the bin.

RE: RE: Anybody

This extesion stinks, I both a while ago tried to look for help becuase it crashes on me all the time, since then I made a promise not buy any extesion from udextensions but from DMXZone, they have a great extesion (little expensive) called Smart Mailer ASP it is the best



Does it work with MX

HI yea,
I bought this extension two/three years ago, I cannot remember, but is it DMX compatable. As I dont want to load it again and find it corrupts all my extension manager.


Thanks Kenny

RE: RE: Anybody

It is good, but not nice to ask the UD community to pay!

Many others don't!

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