I'm using my own images for the scroller instead of one of the predefined designs. But how can I get the rollovers?


The file names of your scroll control images can be anything you like, however the implementation of the rollovers is based on a naming convention for the images used.

If you would like to use the rollover effect for your own images, then make sure the images have the suffix '_up' in their name (e.g. scrollback_up.gif).
When generating the scroller, for each specified image Scroller Genie looks in the same directory for a corresponding image with the exact same name but with the suffix '_over' (e.g. scrollback_over.gif).
If it finds one, then it automatically uses that one to create the rollover effect using the standard DW 'Swap Image' behavior and it will make sure that the rollover image gets pre-loaded.