I have got a technical problem. Can you explain me the following
statement, please:

Active Server Pages error ''ASP 0131''

Disallowed Parent Path

/knowledgebase/admin/index.asp, line 1

The Include file ''../ScriptLibrary/incPureUpload.asp'' cannot contain ''..'' to
indicate the parent directory.


The problem you described is related to configuration of your web server. In order to avoid this problem please do the following

1. Go to your IIS Manager
2. Right click your web site
3. Choose Properties >
4. Select Home Directory Tab
5. Click ‘Configuration’ button
6. Select App Options Tab
7. Check the Enable Parent Paths
8. Click OK and your new configuration will be saved.

This problem occures specially on new Windows 2003 Server systems as the default setting is not to use parent paths.

Note: Another simple solution is to put your upload script page in your site root. This way it won't need to use parent paths to the ScriptLibrary folder.