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Pure ASP Upload Tutorials

To give you more inside knowledge of the working of the Pure ASP Upload, here you can read all the available online tutorials!

Pure ASP Upload Tutorials - Uploading large files

Uploading large files

In this tutorial we will explain how to upload large files.

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How to do it

To upload large files you need to:

  1. Open the Pure ASP Upload dialog

    Select the Pure ASP Upload dialog by double clicking it on the Sever behaviors list.

  2. Change the timeout
  3. When you need to upload large files, you need to increase the script timeout. You can easily calculate this time:

    A 28.8kbps modem it can download at a speed of approximately 2,5KB/s. So when you need to upload a file of 1MB (equals to 1.024KB) it will take 1.024 / 2.5 = 410 seconds. Always allow extra time so set the timeout to at least 500 seconds.

    When the timeout is not suficient the user will see a timeout error - so always make the timeout larger than you think is necessary.

  4. Save and done
  5. Save your page and upload it to your server, and you are done! Go to your website and test it - you should be able to upload large files now.

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