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To give you more inside knowledge of the working of the Pure ASP Upload, here you can read all the available online tutorials!

Pure ASP Upload - Making your own Progress Bars

Making your own Progress Bars

In this tutorial we will explain how to make your own progress bars and use them with Pure ASP Upload.

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How to do it

To make your own progress bar, you need to:

  1. Build the progress file

    First you should make an html file that is to be shown as a progress bar. It is up to you what animations or visual progress you will put on it. You can use images, dhtml, flash - whatever you want.

  2. Required javascript functions
  3. In your html file you do need to have some very simple javascript functions. Those will be used by Pure ASP Upload to read more info about your progress bar.

    You will need the following three functions:


    returns the size of the popup window where the progress bar is displayed. Enter a string with width and height.


    function getProgressWindowSize() {
      return "300,100";


    returns the title of the progress bar. To be used in the Pure ASP Upload choice list.


    function getProgressWindowTitle() {
      return "Blue Flash Progress Bar";


    returns a comma separated list of all files needed for the upload to work. This includes the current html file.


    function getProgressWindowFiles() {
      return "blueFlashProgress.htm,blue_progress.swf";
  4. Save in the special folder
  5. All files of your progress bar should be saved in the following folder:

    \DreamweaverMX\Configuration\Shared\DMXzone\Pure Upload\Progress Bars\

  6. Done
  7. Your progress bar is ready now. When you open the Pure ASP Upload dialog, you will see your progress bar in the drop down list with of available progress bars.

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