When trying to use Layer Genie I get the following message as an error:
"Creation empty script file '[path to the local site it's trying to write to]' failed!"


Some things to check:

  1. Are you working in a "defined Dreamweaver site"?
  2. Do your DW site files have a proper disk location (other than your desktop or some virtual directory like "My Documents")?
  3. Do you have the proper permissions (write access) for all your project directories?

Please pay special attention to points 1 and 2:

ad 1) Layer Genie needs to be used in a defined site, because it needs to copy some files from the DW configuration folder to your site folder.
To be able to do that it asks DW where the site resides on the computer. If you're not working in a defined site, then DW doesn't give a proper answer to that question (in fact it doesn't know the answer) and thus the copy action will fail.
(Note: this particular issue should be handled properly by the extension in the latest release)

ad 2) As for the proper disk location: the desktop and folders like 'My Documents' are "virtual" directories which are potentially problematic. In such cases it may well be that DW again is not capable of returning the correct location and again the copy action will fail.
So make sure your DW site definition points to a physical disk location like eg. 'c:\websites\mysite'