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AlternateTableRowColour v1.0.2

This is a very simple extension for easily creating dynamic tables with alternating row colours.

This extension is based on Ultradeviant - Row Colour for ASP/VBS.

This server behaviour requires PHAkt's PHP Server Model (


Simple Usage Guide:
This is an example of creating alternating table row colours, based on results from a database query.

1. Create a recordset.
2. Create a table.
3. Add dynamic fields to table cells.
4. Create a Repeat Region for the table row.
5. Add the AlternateRowColour server behaviour. Select: "Table Row ID", "Repeat Region", "Primary Row Colour", "Secondary Row Colour" and click OK.

Comments/Bugs/Suggestions to

Big thanks to Waldo.


Type: Server Behavior
Product: UltraDev 4

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Why not work in new Phakt!!

what must I do to make that extension works
please give me solutions

RE: It's a Bust - Doesn't Work

Thanks Lesy. Unfortunately this extension was build for an earlier version of PHAkt. Due to the changing nature of both PHAkt and ImpAkt it's very difficult to maintain third party extensions compatible with them. This is all due to the fact that InterAkt has changed the model so often. I will be fixing several of my extensions in the next month and also try to make them MX compatible. But I can't promise you anything.

It's a Bust - Doesn't Work

Downloaded this extension from this site as well as the Exchange (slightly different files), and neither one works with ImpAKT 1.2.1 (paid version of InterAKT's PhAKT).  Maybe it's not supposed to?  All of the other extensions I've used that have been created for PhAKT also work for ImpAKT.  Not sure this one is still supported.


Definitely one of those extensions that you can't live without once you've started using it.