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DMXzone Calendar 2 Support

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Make links for dates Under consideration
Shared by steve test, got 9 replies, last reply was 07 Jun 2012 13:55:28 by steve test
Make it possible to select ranges of dates Not planned
Shared by Oystein Morvik, got 4 replies, last reply was 21 Apr 2012 17:31:46 by Oystein Morvik
calendar format schedule Under consideration
Shared by Jean Pierre Valls, got 3 replies, last reply was 07 Apr 2014 15:16:39 by Jean Pierre Valls
Password Protect - Connect to Online Page Editor A
Shared by Anthony Silvey 01 Aug 2013 16:49:50
Calendar 2 and Ajax Event Calendar with Google Implemented
Shared by miguel oliveira, got 7 replies, last reply was 30 Aug 2012 13:42:34 by miguel oliveira
Have the calendar link a date to a recordID so dat
Shared by steve test 27 Feb 2012 20:57:53