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Convert video to flash - Flash Video Encoder Compare

Flash Video is a type of video that can be played by Flash Player. A Flash Video file can be a separated FLV file or a video stream in a SWF file. It has various video encoding methods. Flash Player 6 only supports Sorenson Spark encoding method; Flash Player 7 supports one more encoding method, Screen Video that can compress files without losing the original quality. Apart from the two above-mentioned encoding methods, Flash Player 8 supports On2 VP6, which is currently the best encoder available. Its video quality is superior to MPEG4, H264, and DIVX. As Flash Video becoming more and more popular, it will be the major built-in web video file in the near future.

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Hello World Remoting with AS2

By: Jorge Solis

This is an introduction to Remoting using AS2 classes. I this is your first time with Remoting and amfphp, please read first the first part of  "Hello World Remoting". There you will find:

- What's Remoting
- How to install amfphp

June 15, 2005 Author: Frank Beverdam Rating: Not enough votes

JavaScript and Flash Panels

Most of Macromedia's products support extension through scripting in some way. Fireworks and Flash have a very similar JavaScript API that they expose to allow you to call application features through code. The code is a form of JavaScript and is procedural in nature. You can write functions and variables like you would in ActionScript, but there is really no point to OOP in terms of writing scripts.

Because Fireworks has had its scripting engine longer, it comes with more example scripts upon first installation. There are more on Macromedia's site and on the Net; they're called commands and are saved as text files. For Fireworks the file format is .jsf, and for Flash the file format is .jsfl. You can use any text editor for either, but Flash has two advantages: Flash will provide code hints for the Flash JSAPI, and if you install the FWCommandComponents, an MXP found in the Extending Fireworks folder on the Studio MX CD, it'll install the code hints for Fireworks as well. These scripts can be run in a few ways. In Fireworks, you go to the Commands menu and select Run Command. This will open a dialogue and allow you to choose the JSF file to run. In Flash, you select Commands and choose Run Command, and through the same process pick your JSFL file.

Flash panels provide a GUI to that functionality. By making a Flash movie with some new code, you can have that Flash movie control the IDE as well as call other commands and/or scripts. They appear in a normal Fireworks or Flash window

May 10, 2005 Author: Chris Charlton Rating:

Introducing sIFR: The Healthy Alternative to Browser Text

It’s been well over ten years now since the debut of the graphical web browser and we still don’t have an easy way to deliver rich typography using HTML/CSS. With CSS we can size, style, color, kern, show, and hide our text but we can’t deliver something classical typesetters have delivered since at least the 15th century: custom typography. Until now.

In concert with Shaun Inman and Tomas Jogin, [I] am releasing into the public domain a scalable, multiline, Flash 6 compatible version of IFR to help you reduce the amount of browser text in your life and free the world from the scourge of Arial.

April 26, 2005 Author: Chris Charlton Rating:

Introducing the JSFL File API

The latest update to Macromedia Flash MX 2004 adds new file I/O capabilities to the JavaScript API (JSAPI). The shared library installed with the Flash MX 2004 7.2 Updater exposes a new FLfile object to JavaScript Flash (JSFL). This object contains 14 new functions that enable Flash developers to write Flash extensions that can access, modify, and remove files and folders on the local file system.

In this article [I] introduce you to the new functionality of the File API and show you how to implement it in your JSFL scripts.

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