DMXzone Lightbox 2 Released and on Sale

Today we are happy to announce the next great version of our great extension - the DMXzone Lightbox 2. It's is the right tool to use when you want to open your photos in a modal stylish popup. The extension is supplied amazing Lightbox popup presets that catch the eye and amaze the user with its slick designs. All design presets are fully customizable and allow you to explore your creativity and fit the Lightbox perfectly into your site design. These and many more features you'll find in the DMXzone Lightbox 2.

Until next Wednesday, DMXzone Lightbox 2  is on sale with discount. If you already own our previous version (DMXzone Lightbox) additional discount will be calculated in your shopping cart so get it now. 

DMXzone Lightbox 2 Features in Detail

As promised, here are the features highlights that our developers included in the upcoming DMXzone Lightbox 2. Along the compatibility with HTML5 Data Bindings, the extension also comes with full mobile and video support and it looks great on desktop browsers as well as mobile ones. DMXzone Lightbox 2 is also fully compatible with the latest 64bit update of Dreamweaver CC 2014. These and many more you can check in the list below so stay tuned for the official release tomorrow!

DMXzone Lightbox 2 to be Released this Week
As you probably saw in our weekly content summary, our developers have been working on a brand new version of our DMXzone Lightbox extension, which we'll release on Wednesday. It comes with full HTML5 Data Bindings integration and so you can supply your lightbox with images and link directly from dynamic sources. The DMXzone Lightbox 2 has been created with fully customizable design presets allowing you to explore your creativity and fit the Lightbox perfectly into your site design. these and many more other great features you can check out tomorrow in our blog.
What You Missed This Week

If you couldn't follow us for the past five days, here's our weekly content summary where you'll find all showcases, updates and other stuff that we released. Our developers delivered improved versions of our latest Dreamweaver extensions - DMXzone Nivo Slider 3 and CSS Image Gallery 2. Make sure to check us out next week as we've been working on a brand new version of DMXzone Lightbox! Of course, do not forget to view our latest showcases and get inspired for your future projects.

CSS Image Gallery 2 and Nivo Slider 3 Improved

After the crazy last week and the even crazier Black Friday, which we hope that you enjoyed, our developers delivered improved versions of our latest Dreamweaver extensions - DMXzone Nivo Slider 3 and CSS Image Gallery 2. Among other updates such as improved DMXzone Resizer for Mac OSX Yosemite that are included in both tools they also come with improved compatibility with the old deprecated server behaviors and data bindings (still no IE6 support though).

Off Canvas Push Menu with Bootstrap 3 and Animator

In our weekly design inspiration we'll show you an amazing off canvas push menu that we created using DMXzone extensions. In order to build the page we used DMXzone Bootstrap 3 Collection, which features DMXzone Bootstrap 3 for the layout, DMXzone Bootstrap 3 Elements for the content and the Bootstrap 3 Navigation for the stacked navigation. Using the Advanced CSS Animator we animated the position of the menu and the content so check out the showcase below.

Use the Magic of DMXzone Extensions for Stunning Results

In our latest inspirational showcase we used a bunch of our most helpful DMXzone extensions in order to create this blog. It features stunning, fully responsive design layout, created with DMXzone Bootstrap 3, great content and navigation, made with DMXzone Bootstrap 3 Elements and DMXzone Bootstrap 3 Navigation. The posts on the home page are retrieved from a database with HTML5 Data Bindings and DMXzone Database Connector PHP/ASP. There are 3 posts shown with HTML5 Data Bindings Extended Repeater and filtered with truncate up to 320 symbols, using HTML5 Data Bindings Formatter.

Additionally, on the blog post page the database results are filtered by URL variable (pid) in order to show the proper post, and depending on the category the corresponding image changes.
Mobile Ready for Your Shopping List

Away from your computer on Friday? No Problem! Since our recent redesign of DMXzone, our developers and designers also put a lot of work on the mobile version and now it looks fantastic and offers the same great experience as the desktop one. With the annual DMXzone Black Friday sale coming in less than three days you can do your shopping directly from your mobile device with the same ease as you do it via the website. Just log into your DMXzone account, add the extensions to the shopping cart, check out and your Dreamweaver tools will be waiting for you in your account, ready to install.

Get Ready for the Annual DMXzone Black Friday

If you see the countdown clock on the right sidebar then it's that time of the year when we'll be launching our annual DMXzone Black Friday. And as most of you already know, it's the biggest sale that we make through the year so prepare your wishlist as we're about to blow you away with our discount offer. The DMXzone Black Friday Sale will be only available for 24 hours so make sure that you check out with us tomorrow and on Thursday for more details. You can follow us on Twitter and Facebook where we already created an event that you can join, and also sign up for our mailings.

What You Missed This Week

If you couldn't follow us during the week, here are our content highlights. Two days ago we released an amazing pack of DMXzone extensions that lets you create dynamic CSS Image Galleries in just a minute in Dreamweaver. Dynamic CSS Image Gallery Collection PHP/ASP features tools to connect to your database (HTML5 Data Bindings) and use it as data source (DMXzone Database Connector PHP/ASP) for the gallery images (CSS Image Gallery 2). Also, we had a very important update of our DMXzone Extension Manager so make sure to get the latest version.

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