DMXzone Bootstrap 3 Family Goes Stronger

In less than a week since it's been released for the public, our developers already included the latest Bootstrap 3.3.5 in our DMXzone Bootstrap 3 extensions pack and now it's even more powerful than before. In addition, DMXzone Bootstrap 3, Elements, Navigation and Bootswatch have been also improved for the newly released Dreamweaver CC 2015 so you can create your awesome layouts, content and navigation with ease. Check out our latest showcase to see what you can accomplish with three simple DMXzone extensions but yet so functional and awesome.

Last Chance for HTML5 Data Bindings Formatter Discount

Last week we released an improved version of HTML5 Data Bindings Formatter and now it runs smoothly even on the latest Dreamweaver CC 2015. If you are not familiar with this awesome extension, its conditional display and formatting, custom date and time formatting, advanced data filtering and transformations are just a few of the hot features in it. Make sure to check out the latest showcase, where we used it for a check in/check out room availability form.

Until tomorrow you can get HTML5 Data Bindings Formatter with discount so hurry up!

Update: DMXzone Subscriptions

We have some great news to share with you about our DMXzone Subscriptions. First and foremost it's already possible to get a subscription without a PayPal account but with a direct credit card payment. We know that some of our users do not have access to Paypal so now you can choose between the two payment methods. In addition to the CC payment option that's been made available for subscriptions we had to remove our 2 years plan because Credit Card subscriptions are only available for a maximum period of 1 year. But don't worry if you have a 2 years plan, until you cancel it manually from your PayPal account it will continue to renew but won't be available for new subscribers. Check out the details below.

Enable Server Behaviors in Dreamweaver CC 2015

We couldn't miss the struggle some of you are experiencing with Server Behaviors in the latest Dreamweaver CC 2015 and neither could our super-awesome developers. After some fine tuning the installers we're proud to share working ZXP file that you can use in order to enable server behaviors. It can be easily installed with DMXzone Extension Manager so just search for the extension in the manager's Explore tab or download it from its page and you're ready to go. We would like to remind you that Server Behaviors have been deprecated for quite some time and for a very good reason. They use an outdated connection method that's been deprecated in the current release of PHP and very soon will be removed completely, which means that your websites will no longer work. Make sure to check our awesome alternatives to the server behaviors in the Replacing Server Behaviors with DMXzone extensions article.

Dreamweaver CC 2015 and DMXzone Extensions Support

The release of Dreamweaver CC 2015 has raised a lot of questions during the last 24 hours so in this article we're going to throw some light on the matter. As we already mentioned earlier, DMXzone Extension Manager is fully compatible with the latest DW CC 2015 so you can use it to install all your DMXzone extensions as well as any 3rd party ones that you're using. The Techs are currently testing each and one of our tools to make sure that they run smoothly so please give us a few days and we'll update any extension that doesn't meet our standards if there's one. Of course, if you experience any troubles, please drop us a line at the support forums, the Live support, our Facebook page or write us an email and we'll assist you promptly.

We put HTML5 Data Bindings Formatter on sale until next Wednesday so check it out if you still don't have this useful extension!

Adobe Deprecated its Extension Manager

Late in May Adobe announced that they stop to update and maintain their Extension Manager. While it still can be downloaded it's not exactly working properly with the latest update of the Creative Cloud and especially not with Dreamweaver CC 2015. Most of you already use our DMXzone Extension Manager but for those of you who don't we highly suggest that you download and install it so you can manage your extensions. It's available for both Windows and MAC, it's a stand-alone app and we improve it frequently and you don't have to worry about any serial numbers, verifications and so on as it does everything for you. Of course, you can use it to install 3rd party extensions as well, it's not limited to DMXzone extensions only.

More Ideas with Database Connector and Animate CSS
You have one more day to get our most awesome database extension - the DMXzone Data Connector PHP/ASP with significant discount before the offer expires. In today's showcase we'll show you more of its powers when combined with HTML5 Animate CSS. The images, which appear on page load with the help of HTML5 Animate CSS are dynamically retrieved from a datasource via HTML5 Data Bindings and DMXzone Data Connector PHP/ASP connection. So make sure to check it our below and see how great it looks.
The power behind Bindings, Database Connector, Updater and Security Provider

If you're fairly new to DMXzone and our extensions we highly suggest that you read the following article, which is an updated version of "Replacing Dreamweaver Server Behaviors with DMXzone Extensions".  It features comparison between the deprecated Dreamweaver Server Behaviors and our DMXzone Data Connector PHP/ASP, HTML5 Data Bindings, DMXzone Security Provider PHP/ASP and the newly added DMXzone Database Updater PHP/ASP.

If you're still not using our tools, make sure to read below and keep in mind that DMXzone Data Connector PHP/ASP is currently on sale until Wednesday with great discount.

What You Missed This Week

This week we released an awesome pack of great DMXzone extensions. Dynamic App Building Collection PHP/ASP features four awesome DMXzone extensions, which you can use to create dynamic, fully functional and great-looking mobile apps. Also we released our brand new shopping cart with new payments system so make sure to check out the article with the improvements and new options. Until next Wednesday DMXzone Database Connector PHP/ASP is on sale so get it quick if you still don't have it.

New Payment Methods and Shopping Cart, Please Read!

We're extremely happy to announce the great improvement of our shopping cart and the new payment methods that you can choose from. We've partnered with Stripe as our Credit Card payment provider and now you can not only use your Visa and MasterCard but also American Express. In addition you can store your credit card info under the new "Billing options" tab and it will appear in the payment options dropdown for quick selection. The purchase process is really simple, you can choose from quick purchase of a single product or add to cart for multiple. So make sure to check out what's new below and let us know if you experience any troubles with our newest shopping cart.

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