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HTML5 MP3 Player Fuses Powers With Sliding Panels & Slideshow

“Two Completely New Bundles With Sound Possibilities”

Recently we released HTML5 Mp3 Player and therefore we have two new bundles in which the MP3 Player joines forces with Sliding Panels and HTML5 Slideshow. Both combos give you the perfect tools to develop stunning presentation with sound.

The Story

HTML5 MP3 Player & Sliding Panels Bundle

HTML5 MP3 Player & Sliding Panels Bundle

Within minutes you can add great music to your sliding pages. Sliding Panels is based on CSS and jQuery – fully cross browser compatible and offers support for native gestures on touch devices as well mouse gestures on regular browsers!

HTML5 MP3 Player & Slideshow Bundle

HTML5 MP3 Player & Slideshow Bundle

Bring your photos to life in an amazing HTML 5 Slideshow in Dreamweaver and add music and sound effects to any web page on fore- and background with a single click!

HTML5 Slideshow & HTML5 MP3 Player


  • HTML5 MP3 Player & Sliding Panels Showcase

    The showcase has been created by combining two extensions - Sliding Panels and HTML5 MP3 Player. The MP3 Player is implemented as a Title in the Sliding Panels. To complete the experience Sliding ...

  • HTML5 Slideshow & HTML5 MP3 Player

    In this showcase we used the HTML MP3 Player to accompany the sliding images in the HTML5 Slideshow, which change with random effects.


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