HTML5 Music Visualizer on the Web

Are you ready to unleash the powers of music visualizations! The moment is near and our developers created a beautiful NightClub Website Demo to give you a little sneak preview. The HTML5 Music Visualizer expands the HTML5 MP3 Player with outraging visualizations, which will amaze your site visitors!

The Story

NightClub Website Demo

We added two superb Visualization effects in this NightClub Website Demo. When the music starts you will see the background shapes bouncing on the sound of the HTML5 MP3 Player! Each of the colorful squares, circles and triangles are attached to the bass, middle tones and the treble of the music that is playing.

Another cool visualization effect is the stunning spectrum in the header logo. It gives an awesome touch to your header logo and gives a more detailed music visualization.

Possibilities are Unlimited

This NightClub Website Demo is just a small preview because the visualizations effects can be fully customized in different ways, like size, color, speed, locations and much more. With your imagination you can generate visualization effects in every possible way, anywhere on your website!

NightClub Demo

The Universal CSS Navigation Menu, HTML5 Slideshow and of course the HTML5 MP3 Player are the needed extensions to fulfill a concept like this, shown on our demo. You also need a modern browser that supports HTML5 Canvas, otherwise the visualization will not been shown.

The HTML5 Music Visualizer will be released tomorrow, so check the Blog regularly.

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