Store Your Images for Future Use in the Advanced HTML Editor 3

Through the release of the Image Gallery Add-on, we gave new strength to the required Advanced HTML Editor 3 as well. A new dialog tab is created to organize your add-ons in Dreamweaver, like the Online Page Editor Add-on and of course the Image Gallery Add-on. The Advanced HTML Editor 3 & Image Gallery Add-on Bundle is ready to be yours.

The Story

Advanced HTML Editor 3 & Image Gallery Add-on Bundle

Image gallery add-on Organize your images in a beautiful customizable image gallery within your Advanced HTML Editor 3. The Image Gallery Add-on requires the Advanced HTML Editor 3 to apply. We packed them for you. Product Page

What's New in Advanced HTML Editor Version 3.0.2

  • Added support for Add-on extensions. Now a new tab is available on the editor dialog in DW dedicated to add-ons
  • Two new built-in add-ons are available:
    • Resizer for making your editor resizable
    • Path Browser - to show the currently selected HTML tags and their path
  • Full support for the Image gallery Add-on for fully manageable image gallery
  • Great improvements of the image dialog. Now it shows upload progress even better
  • Improved upload of images with unicode in their filename in ASP
  • Minified CSS files now for faster loading
  • Improved translation files loading
  • Added French localization

See What it Does

Using Image Gallery Add-on in the Browser
With this movie we will show you how to use the Image Gallery Add-on as a part of your Advanced HTML Editor 3 in the browser.

  • Using Image Gallery Add-on in the Browser
    – Learn how to work with the Image Gallery Add-on in the browser
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