Use Cases with Beautiful HTML5 Solutions Part 1

You might have a good website from the inside, but is it worth a watch? The right eye-candy keeps your visitors excited and it says a lot more then lines of text. In addition to the updated HTML5 MP3 Player, HTML5 Slideshow and HTML5 Image Enhancer we would like to inspire you with fantastic ideas. These content solutions are powered with HTML5 and the perfect tools for your future and existing projects, read more to find out why.

The Story

Use Cases

Is your website not a real eye catcher and do you think it has far more to offer? You want to keep your regular visitors and attract new ones so you want to avoid these kind of problems? This is where use cases can be useful so you will be on the right track and keep your clients happy with an amazing design. We will update another three  HTML5 Dreamweaver extensions tomorrow.

HTML5 MP3 Player HTML5 Slideshow HTML5 Image Enhancer

E-commerce Website

A store needs a fabulous product gallery. You'll need a tool to list your products in different (sub)categories with description and beautiful images. Blow your visitors minds and let them know what they can expect with awesome image galleries and slideshows.


  • HTML5 Slideshow - Put fantastic photos in the header and set amazing effects from many transitions available.
  • HTML5 Image Enhancer - Give your images amazing effect with Canvas and jQuery.
  • CSS Image Gallery - Products are shown in a CSS gallery with fluent navigation and image transitions.

this free Fashion Store template can be downloaded here

Music Website

Music Producers or DJs need a solution to promote their work, but maybe you are just a person who want to share your favourite music to friends and family. Everything is possible, just gather all the content in an amazing catalogue and navigate with an astonishing design and mobile proof.
  • HTML5 MP3 Player - In few easy steps you can add a fantastic MP3 Player to any site design, turn up the volume and enjoy the music.
  • Sliding Menu - With Sliding Menu you can make Menu Items, Menu Labels, Content Pages, Sub Menus and Dynamic Menus. And it's perfect to use it as a mobile version of your website.


Blog Posts

Use Cases with Beautiful HTML5 Solutions Part 2

With the right tools, you can create a astonishing website

Three HTML5 Extensions Updated

The second week of our updating spree

HTML5 Image Enhancer
Design – Stunning Real-time Animation Effects, Gradients, Image Filters and Transitions!
Advanced HTML Editor 3
Design – Meet the future of Content Editing
Universal CSS Navigation Menu
Interactivity – Create all kind of great web site navigation menus
HTML5 Music Visualizer Add-On
Productivity – Create the Perfect Ambiance with Amazing Music Visualizations
HTML5 MP3 Player
Productivity – Make your website sound amazing!
Advanced CSS Animator
Photo & Video – Next Generation CSS based, Flash-less, Web Animations!
Advanced Tooltips
Interactivity – Create rich media tooltips
CSS Image Gallery
Photo & Video – Pure CSS galleries and slideshows
HTML5 Slideshow
Design – Create Mind-Blowing HTML5 Presentations!
HTML5 Video Player
Productivity – Meet the Future of Web Video!

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