Restaurant Facebook Fan Page Tab

If you want to share a mini version of your official web site with your Facebook fans, now it's easier than ever. In today's showcase we will show you how to combine 5 amazing DMXzone extension in order to create a custom tab for your Facebook page. Also for your non fans we've designed a welcome landing page with different content.

The Story

Restaurant Facebook Page Tab Demo

Used extension:

  • Facebook Fan Page - We've designed and customized the page for our Facebook Fan Page with Facebook Fan Page.
  • Universal CSS Navigation Menu - The navigation menu is edited through the CSS to match the page design. With it you can also navigate through the slides.
  • DMXzone Supersized - The background images are in a slideshow created with DMXzone Supersized
  • DMXzone Google Maps - The location of the restaurant is shown in a Google maps with the address pinned.
  • Sliding Panels - Use your mouse to quickly navigate through the slides. 
  • HTML5 Image Enhancer - Add image titles, color borders and animation effects.


HTML5 Image Enhancer
Design – Stunning Real-time Animation Effects, Gradients, Image Filters and Transitions!
Advanced HTML Editor 3
Design – Meet the future of Content Editing
Ajax AutoComplete
Interactivity – A filtered dropdown with choices after entering a few characters
HTML5 Slideshow
Design – Create Mind-Blowing HTML5 Presentations!
Facebook Fan Page
Productivity – Design and empower your Facebook Fan Pages with Dreamweaver!

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