Awesome One Page Website with DMXzone Tabs

In today's showcase we will show you how how awesome a one page website with divided content can be, with the help of our recently released DMXzone Tabs. If you missed this extension, visit its product page and learn how easy you can divide and style your content in tabs, and edit it directly in Dreamweaver design view. Until Wednesday it also comes with a special price!

The Story

Harley Davidson Demo

In this demo we used HTML5 Slideshow as a header to present different pictures and DMXzone Tabs in order to separate the content into categories for better preview.


Advanced HTML Editor 3
Design – Meet the future of Content Editing
HTML5 Slideshow
Design – Create Mind-Blowing HTML5 Presentations!
DMXzone Tabs
Design – Organize your content in tabs with amazing effects and styles
DMXzone Metro UI Theme Pack
Productivity – Five Metro UI Themes for Six DMXzone Extensions

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