DMXzone Accordion Features in Detail

Here you can read a list of the the amazing features we've packed in the extension coming this Wednesday, the DMXzone Accordion. With it you'll be able not only to divide your content into beautiful and intuitive accordion-like sections but also to customize their design and add stunning animation effects to be played when switching between them.

The Story
  • 24 CSS Designs included - You can simply choose one of the 24 amazing styles available or edit them through the CSS to fit your website perfectly.

  • Easy to choose style picker - We've included a style picker where you can see a preview of the chosen design

  • Display your content in a stylish accordion - Divide your web content into different sections that can be easily switched and save space on your pages
  • Display any content - You can add rich content into the sections, such as text, images, videos and even whole pages
  • Fully customizable styles - Our tabs are all CSS based so you can easily make your own adjustments in the CSS from within Dreamweaver's CSS editor

  • All sections are live rendered in Dreamweaver and can be fully navigated in design view! So you can easily visual switch from section to section and edit it right in place! Note that this feature requires Dreamweaver CS3+

  • Add, remove, rearrange or set start sections- You can add, remove, rearrange and add start section from the Inline property inspector

  • Fully resizable - The height of the sections expands depending on the content but the width can be set manually

  • Toggle sections onClick or on mouse over - You can set your sections to be switched onClick or on hover in order to create a more intuitive navigation

  • Amazing animation effects - You can add a stunning animation effect that will be played when switching between sections

  • Auto Height - If you select Auto Height your Accordion will adjust its height according to the size of the highest section.

  • Fill Space - If you select Fill Space your accordion will fill the vertical space allocated by its container.

  • Collapsible sections - You can make the sections collapsible so that when clicked will toggle the content closed/open

  • Opened/Closed Section Icons - Choose the best icons that will fit your website design in order to indicate whether a section is opened or closed

  • Inline property inspector - You can easily change all the visual options later on

  • Fully controllable by behaviors - If you want to navigate to a specific section or start an event within it - it can be easily done with the Control DMXzone Accordion behavior

  • Search Engine Friendly - As the DMXzone Accordion is pure HTML and CSS code it can be nicely indexed by all search engines and web spiders.

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