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Editing Live in Facebook with Advanced HTML Editor 3

“Optimize your Facebook Page fast and easy”

In today's demo we'll show you how to edit live your Facebook page using four of our finest Dreamweaver extensions. For the purpose we combined the Facebook Fan Page with our Advanced HTML Editor 3 and Sliding Billboard. When you need to update your page you can do it fairly easy in a moment, just hit the edit button and the admin panel will open in a DMXzone Lightbox.

The Story

Facebook Mobile Phones Store

In order to edit a product, simply click on the Read more button, which will navigate the Sliding Billboard slide, where the Advanced HTML Editor 3 is embedded. The button is connected to the Sliding Billboard through the Behavior Connector. Once you are at the update needed slide, click the Edit information button and the Advanced HTML Editor 3 will popup in a DMXzone Lightbox. When you're done with the update of the content, save and the new one will appear in the Read more info.



Picasa Gallery Add-on
Search for and use your Picasa images directly in the editor!
YouTubizer Add-on
YouTube Videos in Advanced HTML Editor 3!
File Manager Add-on
Navigate, manage and use your files directly in the editor!
Image Gallery Add-on
Collect and use all your images directly from the editor!
Online Page Editor Add-on
Edit your Dreamweaver Template based pages directly online
Advanced HTML Editor 3
Meet the future of Content Editing
DMXzone Lightbox
Great looking photos in a modal stylish popup
Google Maps Drawing Add-on
Sketch anything you want directly in Dreamweaver
DMXzone Google Maps
Empower full featured Google Maps in Dreamweaver!
DMXzone Nivo Slider
The most awesome jQuery image slider now as Dreamweaver extension

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