DMXzone Timepicker Features Unveiled

As promised last week, today you can check out the features that we packed in our upcoming release for DMXzone Timepicker. Along with the awesome 24 CSS designs, you can customize the appearance, select from 19 different languages, work with it on various devices and even more. Below you will find a list with the features highlight accompanied by screenshots for better overview. Stay tuned for this new Dreamweaver tool coming on Wednesday!

The Story
  • Extension and Add-on - The DMXzone Timepicker works as a stand alone Dreamweaver extension and also as an Add-on for the DMXzone Calendar 2.

  • 29 supported languages - You can choose between 29 different languages for the calendar interface.

  • 24 designs - There are 24 different designs to choose from so the timepicker fits your website design. You can also create your own custom design by editing the CSS.

  • Style picker in GUI and the property inspector - Now you can see a preview of the design directly in Dreamweaver.

  • Browser inline timepicker or with field - To suit you website you can choose between an inline timepicker or with field.

  • Optimized for Touch devices - Now you can drag the timepicker slider on touch devices like iPad and iPhone and it will respond directly! 
  • Initial Timezone - Set initial timezone that will be selected when the timepicker is displayed.

  • All international and custom time formats - Visitors from varying locals respond to different time formats so we added all to use the best one for your website.

  • Animation effects - Add awesome animation effects to your timepicker when opens or closes.

  • Timepicker appearance - Set the timepicker to open on focus, on icon click, or both.

  • Custom appearance - You can customize the way your timepicker will be navigated and what drop-downs will be available for your users.

  • Restrict time range - Limit the range of selectable time in the timepicker by setting a beginning and end time.

  • Alternative fields - Set initial time that will be selected when the timepicker is displayed.

  • Step of sliders - Set intervals on your timepicker for your users to choose from.
  • Show grids - Add hour, minutes or seconds labels.

  • Built-in Server Formats for easy time conversion in ASP and PHP

  • Great Dreamweaver integration - Interactive dialog in Dreamweaver with all the options you'll need.
  • Inline timepicker - Rich inline timepicker within Dreamweaver for easy time pickup.
  • An inline property inspector - The property inspector enables you to change several options after you've created the timepicker.

  • Fully controllable by behavior - Full control of the timepicker with the Control Timepicker behavior.

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DMXzone Timepicker in Action!

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