Adv HTML Editor 3 and Online Page Editor Got Updated

Today we have two new updates for you - the Advanced HTML Editor 3 and its Online Page Editor Add-on. With the help of these handy tools you can edit your page with minimum efforts quick and easy. Now the login functionality of the Online Page Editor Add-on has been improved so you will stay logged in until you exit. The compatibility of both extensions with the DW CS 6.1 have been bettered and more.

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The Story

Editing Online Page Demo

For this showcase we created a simple page with some content in it. With the help of the Advanced HTML Editor 3 and the Online Page Editor Add-on you can login and start editing directly in your browser. Just press crtl+shft+2 and type demo for both username and password. Use crtl+shft+2 to logout.


What's New in the Advanced HTML Editor 3.3.3

  • Improved settings default background & text color when used with Online Page Editor
  • Improved CSS styling
  • Some improvements for older IE versions
  • Improved compatibility with Dreamweaver 12.1 (Adobe Creative Cloud)

What's New in the Online Page Editor 1.2.2

  • Greatly improved editor login functionality. Now login info is retained so that the users stays in edit mode as long as he cancels it with the same activation key.
  • Full compatibility with servers that rewrite URLs
  • Improved working for Dreamweaver templates
  • Improved installer for Dreamweaver CS 6.1 (Adobe Creative Cloud) compatibility
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