DMXzone Database Connector ASP

Access any well known database without any SQL and ASP knowledge in Dreamweaver! This is what the DMXzone Database Connector is all about! Fully integrated visual tools and server code generation are available at your disposal! The extension features a built-in connection wizard where you can define and manage your connections to all well known databases. Choose from ready to go connections for MySQL Microsoft SQL Server, MS Access and many others!

The DMXzone Database Connector includes also an amazing Database Source Query Builder that will allow you to build fully visual an advanced query on your database source without any SQL knowledge! It even supports advanced filtering and joins options and lets you directly view and test your database! 

With its great integration in HTML5 Data Bindings you can visualize your database structure fully visual in Dreamweaver with the HTML5 Data Bindings floating panel, from which you can easily populate it on your pages or create repeat regions from it.

The built-in Pagination uses native paging techniques specific for each database so you don't need to do any SQL magic by yourself. It also has dynamic Ajax alike paging, dynamic page navigation links and show/hide regions, which allow you to make a special conditional region of any data repeating element.

The extension requires Classic ASP. It allows you to connect to any database with ASP ADO without any programming or ASP/ADO knowledge. You need a Windows web server with ASP support to use it.

- OR -

Database Connections

  • Built-in connection wizard - The built-in connection wizard allows you to connect to your database easily and get your data the Ajax way. It comes with full support for wide range of well-known databases and uses specific adapters for each type database so that it can use the native power of the database without bothering you with weird SQL syntax!

  • Choose your site - Manage your sites directly in the HTML5 Data Source window and choose the site containing the database source. 

  • Support for standard PHP and ASP server types database - The extension comes in PHP and ASP versions. If you have both installed in your HTML5 Data Bindings you can choose between PHP and ASP server technology otherwise the field will only display the installed one. 

  • Select from various database types - The extension supports standard ASP and PHP databases.

    • PHP database types - MySQL, PostrgeSQL, SQLite, SQL Server and SQL Server Native.

    • ASP database types - Access, Access ODBC, MySQL ODBC, ODBC File DSN, ODBC System DSN, SQL Server, SQL Server Express.

  • Custom connection strings - In order to connect to your database you can always enter your custom connection string, which follows the syntax for PDO, if you're using PHP, or ADO if you're using ASP.

  • Database type properties - Depending on the chosen database, the connection wizard pops up different options to build your connection string automatically so you don't have to worry about weird connection string syntax.

  • Test your database connection - Once the connection to your database is established, a confirmation window pops up. If it's not connected properly an error message appears on the popup window.

  • Add, delete and duplicate the current database connection - In the connection wizard you can add as many connections as you want and delete each one of them with a single click. Also you can duplicate connections in order to save time when applying small changes.

  • Connection wide options - You can set the maximum allowed returned records from this connection as well as to enable the debugging info option that will bring you additional information in the browser and help you in your development process. 

Database Source Query Builder

  • Full database schema reading support – The Database Connector connects to your database and reads its full schema like tables, columns and data types so that everything is available as pickup options in Dreamweaver for its visual Query Builder tool!

  • Fully automatic SQL generator – When using the Database Connector, you never need to bother any more with writing SQL queries! Actually you don’t need to write any SQL as everything is fully generated for you! As the extension ‘ knows’ the different SQL dialects for each database it uses the power features of this specific database, automatically!

  • Automatic data types conversion – The extension automatically knows your database column types and does the right conversions of your data types.

  • Full Data Type Validation and Enforcement - when various data types are being used as input, for example as filter parameters, those are first validated against their type. This makes your pages extra secure against various SQL injections attacks

  • Easy tables and column pickup - you can quickly add tables to be listed in the columns pickup view. From there you can populate your selects, filters and sort orders. When adding more then one table, a special Table Joins Manager dialog will appear. Using the Database Source Query Builder is a breeze, just select the connection, addatable to the columnpicker tree, add columns from it to the selects, filters and or sort orders and you are done!

  • Manage connections - The Database Source Query Builder allows you to create and manage connections to servers with the DMXzone Database Connection wizard dialog.

  • Add, duplicate and remove database source - In the source wizard you can add as many sources as you want, delete or duplicate them.  

  • Test connection source - Once the connection to your database is established, a database source testing window pops up. It lets you test your source and view the results in a browser.

  • Add and remove tables - From the table manager you may add or remove tables to pickup columns from.

  • Table column aliases - To improve the readability of your result tables you can assign column aliases.

  • Individual column filtering conditions - The conditions node lists conditions which must be met before the filter can be run. There are basic conditions like =, <, > as well as advanced, such as contains, begins with, ends with and between. Contains and begins/ends with are very powerful string searching operators that incorporate the native database search options.

  • Individual column filtering functionality - The filtering functionality is very useful for quickly search through the information in the table and allows you to filter only a particular column of data. You can specify a filter to each table column.
    • Filter by entered value - Entered value defines a filter with static value.
    • Filter by URL parameter - URL parameters store retrieved information input by users. When you are defining a database source with filters you can choose that filters come from URL parameters. Those filters will be then directly available for usage on the HTML5 Data Source dialog. Also if you have enabled some fields to be " sortable"  those will be available there as well.
    • Filter by form variable - Form parameters store retrieved information that is included in the HTTP request for a web page. If you create a form that uses the POST method, the data submitted by the form is passed to the server.
    • Filter by cookie - This filter stores retrieved cookie values.
    • Filter by session variable - You can use session variables to store and display information maintained for the duration of a user’s visit (or session). The server creates a different session object for each user and maintains it for a set period of time or until the object is explicitly terminated.
    • Filter by application variable - In ASP you can use application variables to store and display information that is maintained for the lifetime of the application and persists from user to user. After you define the application variable, you can use its value in a page.

  • Multiple filters conditions - You can add as many filters you want! On each sequential filter you can choose the logical operator (and/or) to be applied with the previous one.

  • URL parameter filter - Once you added URL filter parameters in the Data Source Query Builder dialog, you can edit the parameter value any time later, directly in the Data Source window.

  • Selected column sort order - Once you made a certain column sortable in the Data Source Query Builder dialog, you can select it for quick edit any time later, directly in the Data Source window.
  • Default sort option - In the Database Source Query Builder you can add default sorting order for you database table columns.

Table Joins

  • Table Joins - SQL joins are used to combine rows from two or more tables. The Database Connector features inner, left and right joins where you can add more than one table to the Database Source Query Builder.
  • Add, edit and remove tables - You can add as many tables as you want to and also edit them any time by selecting the table from the columns picker tree in the Database Source Query Builder. Any table can be easily removed from the delete button.

  • Inner Join - The inner join is the most common and useful type of query. Most of the time you are interested in the records that match in the two tables and this is what the inner join gives you. An inner join return all rows from multiple tables where the join condition is met.

Example: An inner join of Customers and Orders would return details of all the customers who have placed orders together with the details of the orders that they have placed.

The result:

  • Left join - Returns all rows from the left table, and the matched rows from the right table. The result is NULL in the right side when there is no match.

  • Right join - A right join is the opposite of the left join and it returns all rows from the right table, with the matching rows in the left table. The result is NULL in the left side when there is no match.

  • Join conditions - The conditions node lists conditions which must be met before the tables to be joined.

  • Multiple joins conditions - You can add as many joins you want! On each sequential join you can choose the logical operator (and/or) to be applied with the previous one.

  • Test source - Once the table joins are established, you can press the test source button and a database source testing window will popup. It lets you test your source and view the results in a browser.

Integration with HTML5 Data Bindings

  • Database source as feed - Along with the many supplied standard feeds, you can connect to your database easily and use it as feed.

  • Define your data source - You can define your data source easily and have it handy in a drop down menu for later use.

  • Test your data source - Once the connection to your database is established you can test it an view the database query in the browser.

  • Display your data structure fully visual in Dreamweaver with the HTML5 Data Bindings floating panel - When you choose to add a database source, its data and structure is fetched directly and it is displayed in a nice tree view control within the special HTML5 Data Bindings floating panel available from the Window Menu.  

Pagination Options

  • Powerful built-in pagination – The DMXzone Database Connector has a native pagination built-in! No need to do any weird, database specific SQL magic here, the Database Connector covers your back. It knows all the various SQL Databases and uses a specific paging technique specific to that database.  So you always get the most powerful solution without the need of any SQL programming.

  • Dynamic Ajax alike paging – with the Control HTML5 Data Binding behavior, you can choose to which page to go by just moving to the next, previous, first or last page. Only the repeat region with the data will be refreshed and not the whole page. Finally, you can deploy some fancy looking dynamic paging techniques!

  • Dynamic page navigation links – With the new HTML5 Data Bindings show/hide bindings attributes, you can decide when to show and hide regions depending on the data being available. This is very useful for paging navigation links so you can hide or show the links only when they are apply.

  • Show and hide regions – The new HTML5 Data Bindings now also allow you to make a special conditional region of any data repeating element.  Just select it and you will see, along with the repeat regions insert, you will have a show and hide Region option. This way you can make a region visible or hidden when its data is available only. Very useful for example to show “No records found”  message when there are no records.
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Type: Data Source
License: External link
Product: Dreamweaver CS5/CS5.5 and CS6, Dreamweaver CC
Server Model: ASP VBScript, ASP JScript
Database: Access, SQL Server, MySQL
Platform: Win XP/2000/2003/2008/7, Mac OS X, Mac OS X 10.4+
Used Technologies: jQuery, Ajax
Screen Shot: External link
Tags: database, connector, HTML5, Ajax, SQL, jQuery, ASP


Version 1.3.2

  • Improved compatibility with Dreamweaver CC 2015

Version 1.3.1

  • Support for GUID database types in ASP
  • Improved support for LIKE expressions in all database connectors
  • Improved database data types support

Version 1.3.0

  • Cross site support for connecting mobile apps with dynamic database sites as data sources
  • Improved mobile data bindings support for building dynamic apps with PhoneGap or Cordova
  • Redesigned UI look
Update instructions for HTML5 Database Connector:
Note you need to reapply all current Database Sources in your site. Just open Site / DMXzone Database Connector / Manage Database Sources ... and then click on "Reapply All". you need to do this for every page and also reapply all behaviors that you're using.

Version 1.2.1

  • Improved ADO adapter
  • Improved for DMXzone Extension Manager
  • Improved for Dreamweaver CC 2014

Version 1.2.0

Update instructions:
Note you need to reapply all the current Database Sources in your site. Just open the Site / DMXzone Database Connector / Manage Database Sources ... and then click on "Reapply All"

Version 1.1.3

  • Full compatibility with HTML5 Data Bindings SEO ASP
  • Database metadata refresh , now also refreshes the views
  • Added version number in the server side source files

Version 1.1.1

  • Improved refreshing of the database structure
  • Fixed database connection generation when custom string is used.

Version 1.1.0

  • Added full support for the new DMXzone Security Provider PHP/ASP for secure database queries
  • Greatly improved storage and caching of database structure info. It is all store now in the connection file so refreshing when database structure changes is really easy.
  • Improved schema refreshing on database query builder dialog
  • Added "Reapply all" buttons to Database Connection and Database Sources Builder
  • Full support for Database Views! Now in the Database Source Query Builder, next to database tables you can also see the database views and use them for your queries.
  • Primary keys in database columns view - Now you can see directly which database columns are used as primary keys on the different icon in front.
  • Fully implemented support for IN and NOT IN operators in Filters working with list of values
  • New Login dialog for providing login information within Dreamweaver when testing secured database sources.
  • Latest jQuery 1.10.2 included
Update instructions:
Note you need to reapply all the current Database Sources in your site. Just open the Site / DMXzone Database Connector / Manage Database Sources ... and then click on "Reapply All"

Version 1.0.2

  • Full compatibility with the new DMXzone Database Updater PHP/ASP extension
  • Improvements on the date type fields handling
  • Build-in file updater on page open in Dreamweaver
  • Fully Handle JSONP requests to allow cross domain data exchange

Version 1.0.1

  • Improved error checking on various databases
  • Improved Database structure querying
  • Various minor improvements


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