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Design Smart with DMXzone Bootstrap 3

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Last week we spoke about the advantages of the mobile-first design approach that Twitter implemented in Bootstrap 3. We also showed you a couple of page layouts that featured that very same approach but completely executed with DMXzone Bootstrap 3, and today we have another one. The minimalistic design focuses on the images, which look great on any device screen, even on small phones so check it out below.

If you still don't have DMXzone Bootstrap 3 make sure to get it quick as the sale ends tomorrow!


Minimalistic Responsive Portfolio Showcase

This fully responsive and minimalistic layout showcase focuses on the images in the content, which are available on any device. The additional text description is only visible on desktop and large desktop browsers. The design has been executed only with DMXzone Bootstrap 3.

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If you couldn't follow us during the week, here's our content summary that features releases, announcements, articles and more from the past five days.This week we had 3 improved extensions - DMXzone Bootstrap 3, HTML5 Image Enhancer and DMXzone Lightbox. Also we released a free Responsive Bootstrap 3 Portfolio Template and added more inspiring designs in our showcase section. For full list of content, read below.Until next Wednesday, DMXzone Lightbox and HTML5 Image Enhancer are on sale!

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