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It's Friday and it's time to summarize the content from the last five days. We started the week with some inspirational showcases built with our great Dreamweaver extensions that will give you an idea how to implement them on your projects. Also we improved HTML5 Parallax Slider greatly and now it has full support for DMXzone Bootstrap 3. In out templates section you'll find a newly released free template called Bootstrap 3 Landing Page Template. Last but now least, we have a sneak preview of DMXzone Bootstrap 3 Elements, which is due for release next week!



Bootstrap 3 Landing Page Template

Part of the DMXzone free templates collection


  • Using HTML5 Parallax Slider on Responsive Bootstrap 3 Pages
    – Learn how to use Parallax Slider on responsive pages
Blog Posts

DMXzone Bootstrap 3 Elements to be Released Next Week

Over 35 ready to go elements for Bootstrap 3

Using HTML5 Parallax Slider on Responsive Bootstrap 3 Pages

Our video tutorial shows how to do that

Bootstrap 3 Meets Parallax Slider in a Stunning Free Template

Download and use our latest free extension


DMXzone Bootstrap 3
Design – Next generation perfect site layout in a few minutes
DMXzone Bootstrap 3 Elements
Design – 37 ready to go and fully customizable elements for Bootstrap 3
DMXzone Lightbox
Interactivity – Great looking photos in a modal stylish popup
HTML5 Image Enhancer
Design – Stunning Real-time Animation Effects, Gradients, Image Filters and Transitions!
HTML5 Parallax Slider
Photo & Video – Slide any content and create stunning 3D depth illusion

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