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Responsive Portfolio with DMXzone Font Awesome

“Fully scalable and customizable icons with DMXzone Font Awesome”

Just a day before the official release of DMXzone Font Awesome we have one more showcase to show you the powers of this amazing Dreamweaver extension. With its full support for DMXzone Bootstrap 3 and Elements you can build beautiful pages and add any of the 369 fully scalable icons to match the design. You can even customize them through the CSS like we did in this demo page.


Joe's Portfolio Showcase

For this showcase we used DMXzone Font Awesome for the beautiful icons which are customized through the CSS so that the color matches our page design. Also we used them to appear on mouse over for the 'likes' and 'comments' in My work section.


DMXzone Bootstrap 3 Elements
37 ready to go and fully customizable elements for Bootstrap 3
DMXzone Bootstrap 3
Next generation perfect site layout in a few minutes
DMXzone Font Awesome
The iconic font designed for Bootstrap

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